my home away from home

so they say that "home is where the heart is."

i'm thrilled and beyond blessed to have several homes. my home with my sweetheart in california, my home in austin with old friends, my home in houston with extended family and friends, and the grandest of all grands, my home with my parents in a little town in south texas. 

my bf tells me often that we are rich. how true it rings, especially now at Christmastime. i am blessed in so many countless ways, only a fool could have my life and manage to make it a miserable one. and so I will try each and every day, to see the light rather than the darkness, to embrace the love and not ignore it, and to believe that life is only worth living if for love and the pursuit of happiness. 

my darling cj, you are my better half. you enclose the circle which makes me complete. you have changed me only for the better.

my parents, whose utter devotion to one another alone is reason enough to live. they are the most tangible symbol of love I've ever known. 

my friends, whom without you I would have never learned loss nor loyalty. i have so very few of you, but you are precious to me nonetheless, and i try so very hard to be gentle and kind when in your presence. please forgive me for my wrongdoings, i am destined to always be learning that patience is a virtue.

before I go, I have some last thoughts before bedtime.

#1. eating after 8pm is just unnecessary for the gastrointestinal department.

#2. The Olive Garden has gone DOWNHILL. INDEFINITELY. ugh...

#3. Live now, love now, learn later. 

it's officially Christmas Eve ;)

goodnight to all, and to all a good night!

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