Hollywood is king in land of theatrics and make believe. So when CJ took me to last years Halloween Horror Night at Universal, I was terrified. I'm pretty sure I slept on top of him for the next 2 days, creeped out by our loud neighbors and the stray cats who always sound like crying babies... horrifying.

As a kid my older cousins and I used to play all kinds of scary games. Hall Monster was a favorite during family gatherings because the more kids you have, the harder the game is to win. And let's not forget that my cousin Ray, who is now stationed overseas in Korea, is a monster/creatures/gore lover extraordinaire. So I spent most of my childhood peering around corners and living in constant fear that he would jump out at me from the shadows in the Freddy mask or some other horrifying get up he had stashed in his room. 

So why do you ask that I am continuing the trend of halloween scare? 

1. My boyfriend is a Halloween fanatic and a Rob Zombie fan (we went to a show last night, Gruesome Twosome w/ Alice Cooper. Photos coming soon)

2. Rob Zombie's House of a Thousand Corpse now has a maze. See #1. 

3. Halloween in Los Angeles is an over-the-top, must-see, makeup artist sanctuary of art and creation. It is a holiday that must be paid due respect.

And so I will adequately prepare myself. I will dress in jeans so I don't skin my knees if I trip and eat asphalt stumbling around in the darkness. I will wear a light hoodie so the ghouls stomping around us won't see that my eyes are closed. I will wear comfortable Chucks or Rainbows for the miles we will be walking. And last but not least, I will cling to my knight in shining armor like there's no tomorrow. 


@ Universal Studios Hollywood

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