Leopard:Beige trenches:Lace-ups 
i am a girl who is drawn naturally to neutrals... but shades of gray, black, brown are sometimes a downfall when your closet becomes overrun with them. to be perfectly honest, I was a little shocked to see that the classic trench has officially made it's comeback this fall. but alas, I know that any neutral coat worth it's weight in rain repellent materials has garnished the most classic of Hollywood starlets.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

That being said, I've been on the lookout for my own classic trench but I know my body after years of repressing it in unflattering clothes (thanks Mom for always telling me the truth!) and it is without too much regret that I admit I will not be partaking in this trend this fall. 

I'll leave the lovely trench to the ladies with the mile-long gams.

Because in my head, I will look like this:

{which is highly unlikely...}

I do however love LOVE anything that laces up. So glad I have my Michael Kors knee-high lace up boots. They're from 2007 I think so that makes them practically vintage aka no one else will have them in the fashion world!

Still on the hunt for some new boots. I was very much feeling the over-the-heel look but it's already out-dated to me so that's an instant lust rather than love notion that I try my best to steer clear of. I know, I know it's in the collage... I couldn't help myself....

BUT- I have special plans for those boots so as I continue my work at the gym, I'll be posting some "real-life" photos soon. My plan is to be model-esque prior to Thanksgiving so I'll be more conscious about my figure before that 3rd helping of stuffing and pumpkin pie. I'm kind of hoping the turkey doesn't fit in the oven so we can just indulge with wine and a cheese plate (just kidding hunny!)

Off to indulge in dreaming about fall outfits.... :)

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