The Wishlist, Updated

Good afternoon L.A.!

After a nice breakfast courtesy of The Black Dog (low-fat granola with raisins, a handful of TJ's green grapes, washed down with an iced Americano), I started my leisurely day at the office with a few emails and have been waiting for a reply from the vendor ever since. The email was sent at 9:00am. Luckily I had a meeting at 9:00am which lasted almost an hour so at least some of today has been productive. Tomorrow will be much more productive. Photocopying! White outing! Perhaps even some hole-punching and number-crunching!

So subsequently, after browsing my daily blogs which I take so much joy in, I had nothing left to do but peruse The OutNet, where I found this.

 [Sara Berman Marlow leather satchel bag]

With so many other things on the "To-Buy" agenda (note the previous post), there's just no room for shopping extras at the moment. Plus, I'm determined to hold out for the pre-fall Jimmy Choo Pandora wedge and the new iPhone 4. Also, I know that I want a cross-body shoulder bag in a butter soft leather with studs, but I'm not sure about the Antique Rose color, although it certainly is beautiful. And down from $400 to $180, it's a steal.

But, priorities, priorities! If anything else, I'll just carry around my Marc Jacobs bag from the 2008 collection for a while and my thirst for buttery leather will be satiated for a while. 

CJ's birthday is around the corner and I am so excited! I can't wait to celebrate it and I've already started my list for a great day. I know he's a dedicated reader of Slopes in Heels so I'm not giving away anything more than that. Sorry hunny!

It is now 3:17pm. I think I'll wait another 2 hours then call it a day. A jog at Runyon with the good ol' iPod is in order. I think I may have overindulged during lunch. I didn't even eat that much but I still feel heavy and full from last night's dinner of homemade wheat pasta and thai vegetables. I went waaay overboard with the portions. Oops! Another reason why I am never safe when eating pasta. It's just too dang tasty of a treat to have a single serving. 

A friend of ours is having a 4th of July party on Sunday and I'm so excited!!! The theme is red/blue bathing suits/outfits and I haven't pulled anything together. I doubt I am going to be parading around in a bikini, I wouldn't do that to CJ unless I had a model body and I'm about 10 lbs away from that. But I can certainly get away with a super cute outfit and some summer wedges! I'm going to have to improvise on this one. Maybe Target will come to the rescue? I'm already thinking my bright red mini skirt and the jewel heels (or maybe flats? That might be safer considering the circumstances). I would just need something navy and something white to pull it together...

A trip to Target tonight is definitely on the to-do list. Runyon at 6pm, Target at 8pm, and I'll have plenty of time to pick up Ceej at 9:30pm from LAX. YAY!

What are ya'lls plans for the 4th?

Ok, back to perusing the web until 5pm rolls around...


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