Out with the old (well, not completely)

CJ and I have been shopping for a new desk for the living room. The original one was a beautiful, well built stationary desk but in an old Hollywood apartment, it's almost like having a baby grand in a closet.

[Original desk, old apartment, and that is NOT my bowl of leftover breakfast...]

A few weeks ago we went to a friend's housewarming party and CJ really took to his new bookcase and desk area. To tell the truth I remembered the bookcase (b/c I am a bookworm) but in the haze of the wine and cheese cubes forgot all about the desk details. Turns out Crate&Barrel made the set and I just so happened to get their newsletter with my favorite four letter word: SALE.

So we went and came home with... TA-DA!

[Desk by Crate&Barrel, antique red/black chair, BM collage by AC]

Love LOVE the room we get from having this smaller unit. The dark wood matches perfectly with the rest of the decor. I'm looking for some wall organizers or possibly a low storage bench for the paperwork we have so I can dump the broken file cabinet I've made due with for the past 7 years. Seriously, the bottom drawer is busted and it weighs about 70 pounds.

We also bought a new media center, also sleek and affordable, with some DVD towers and photo frames to pull the space together.

[Media Center by Target, towers by IKEA, Aaron Bros frames]

A new rug and possibly the storage bench are the rest of the "big" purchases for the living area. So exciting! I borrowed a paint deck from work so we can pick out something for the windows. Gorgeous windows, dull color... that will probably be tomorrow's project. 

We are going to build a mirror wall in the bedroom so we are on the hunt for oddly gorgeous shaped mirrors in all sizes. Today's garage sales were a bust in the mirror department. One lady even wanted $80, $80 for an old rusted wall mirror. Um, NO. Crazy woman thinks she's running a retail store! So we passed but before we called it quits I did have one pretty amazing find.

  [Antique chain belt, designer unknown]

I've been looking for a new skinny belt with some character and I love the tiny gold disk that clasps the chain together. The crazy lady I mentioned earlier had a great silver belt but wanted $10 for it. Again, NO. It wasn't meant to be clearly because I found this one 30 minutes later for a dollar. 

Now that's sweet. Hope the rest of LA had a lovely day, it was gorgeous out so no reason not to!



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  1. Mmmmh, how will we fill that empty space on that new desk...oh the new mac should fit nice ;)