How bout them apples?

Seattle has been a great time and as usual, I am never disappointed. Great coffee, great sights and best of all, CJ's family and friends. God the music here is SO GOOD. Different than the Austin vibe though. Like a nice slice smothered with extra cheese, ranch, and olives. One big mess of deliciousness. That's what the music scene feels like.

At the apple store for the millionth time this summer. I don't mind it really because Ceej's face just lights up every time we come into one of these stores. Checked out the iphone- BRILLIANT! Can't wait for that one. And we've got the 27-inch picked out. The desk at home is ready and patiently waiting for it's mate. The only thing on the fence is me. The 15-inch or the 13-inch? It's only a $300 difference between the two and really just for an extra 2 inches of screen space. But after squinting for so long into the iBook, I'm leaning dangerously close to the 15-inch.



Maybe after we get the desktop the vision will become clear.

Today is my last day in Seattle. (Have you noticed that I jump from subject and back again with no clear sense of intrapersonal direction?)

Okay, people are next to me. Invasion of privacy. To sum it up quickly:

Seattle good.
LA home.
Work = money.
CJ = rad and cute.
Me = wish I had worn a different shirt today. The black Texas one to be exact.

Until I get home, xoxo

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