Home Again

Texas was beautiful as ever and it was just what I needed. 12 days of family, friends, and most of all, with my other half.

We started out at my parents house, which included a quick trip to Houston on Saturday morning for two Xprynz shows (Dad's rock band), and from there the days flew by with Austin, Arlington, and Dallas crammed in here and there.

 [Dad jammin out at Steph's Bar & Grill for a fundraiser]

Nothing like being home!! Unfortunately we lost about a three-fourths of the photos we took. Sad but true. Some were recovered and Ceej even rushed to the Apple store to see if the geniuses could help. No such luck. Oh well, we'll be back to visit soon enough.

I'm realizing that the photos I've uploaded onto previous postings were waaay too small. So in the words of Chelsea, go big or go home!

After our Texas holiday, it's been a slight challenge getting back into the swing of things in Hollywood. Home decor wise, it's been a great work-in-progress. We hung the rest of the framed art, with the exception of Mr. Morrison, I'm not sure where to put him just yet, and Ceej replaced all of the light switch plates- SURPRISE! I love him even more for that little treat. Last night I was trying in vain to get back into my Insanity workout and kept sliding on the ginormous-too-big-for-our-living-room rug so I paused, rolled it up, and set it out for someone else's treasure hunting.

It was gone in 20 minutes. Only in Hollywood is someone else's discarded home decor like finding a golden ticket.

Our home is slowly coming together! Eventually we'll get everything in and repainted (windows). And I think once we do, a little housewarming party is in order. Of course, it will be invite only and be maxed out at 4 extra guests (limited seating and standing room people!).

Finding a new small and chic light colored rug is next on the list, as well as a desk area and bookcase, and last but not least, new curtains and a cute hide-away for the by-the-door-shoes.

I have a fashion-y post but I'm saving it for tomorrow. I'm trying to not think of this one particular pair of shoes because I am dangerously close to buying them and I have NO BUSINESS doing so.

Until then, xxoo

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