Today's Plan

I can't believe:

that I finally cleaned the hell out of my kitchen.
I reorg'd all of my drawers and kitchen cabinets.
that I tossed that red rug which I've been dying to update.
caulked the cracks in the counters.
that it took fours hours to do one room. In a 450 sq. ft apartment.
how pleasant the lighting in there is... with cleaned and opened windows!
that I got those shoe prints off the living room wall.
how cool my guitar from CJ looks on the wall above the piano.
that the dirt in the tile came out.
that I am with my best friend in the whole world and he helps me with my never-ending needs.
that he loves me enough to cancel his plans today to help me make my to-do list.
that the whole mirror-above-mirror decor above the bed looks pretty jam!
that this is my life.

I am blessed. xo

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