If only being MIA in the social realm were easier...

Work has been on the plate this week, halfway there to the light. I've been working out since last week (skipped Monday) and I've got to do it again tonight. Downloading music as I type but it's taken a loooong time. Now accepting donations for the Adria Castillo for Mac Laptops Foundation. It's been a long week, at least it feels that way. The j.o.b. is going good, on schedule, jammin. Feel tired today, but I know that run will put me to sleep tonight. Gtg in a few, just a few more!

I haven't taken any new pictures of myself lately, or of any recent excursions. We left the cam at home on a few of the outings.

My plans for tomorrow's day off include heavy cleaning and re-organizing. I'm so ready for it too. I will be able to make some space for CJ's things, and get rid of some of the clutter that needs to go. Good place to start redecorating too. It always feels easier to redec when it's a clean room. Yay! Excitment! No more dust bunnies, no more dirt!

The car is second. Deep detailing and a wax... oh I close my eyes and it's just such a serene feeling to sit in an incredibly clean car. Yes, that must get done.


Next is checking on pricing for replacing the weather stripping on the car. Passenger door frame... GOT TO GO. A trip to the $6 car wash entails me stuffing tissues, towels, anything into the corner of the door.

That's how it's done. 

The sunroof needs a makeover too, the outer edging is cracked and peeling hard core. Definitely showing. I'm starting to feel more and more tired right now, as I type. Falling into bed sounds soo good right now. And waking up refreshed, clear headed, a run at the gym then back to work on The Plan...

I got my new shoes! The ones that I ordered from Gilt and let me tell you that I am SO HAPPY with them I can't believe it. The leather is so smooth and the fridge is light and fun. The heel is perfect for going out since it let's you walk at normal pace- LOVE THEM! Will wear them soon, maybe to Craig's party on Saturday evening? Got to go, going to go, can't wait to wear the Velvet Angels...

Onwards into the night I think... sweet dreams.

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