Saturday movies + Stir Fry, noodles, and curry

Despite Ceej's stomach ache, he still took me out to see a movie at the Grove. We're not sure of the culprit behind the tummy troubles, but perhaps it's a relapse from the Vegas trip... not sure. The place was packed as is on Saturdays, but the weather was too good for me to just go straight home immediately following MacGruber. <--- not one of my favorites but I do really like Kristen Wiig

So I gladly made my second trip in one day to Trader J's, and with Ceej's company, it was quite short and sweet treat. 

I went with a list to make this stir fry noodle + homemade sauce dish and realized that with all of the ingredients I'd have to buy, I wouldn't be able to stretch our dollars very far. Not a prob- I opted for a pre-packaged veggie assortment and a jar of TJ's Red Curry sauce. Oh, and I bought tofu! I'm not really for or against tofu, and I really do enjoy those sesame tofu sticks they have in the Whole Foods deli section..Mmmmm.

After boiling the wheat pasta and pan grilling the tofu cubes, I added in the veggie mix of celery, broccoli, fresh ginger, and sugar snap peas. 

Also popped in this DELICIOUS half load of garlic bread. OMG. I swear when I cut into that baked bread, the scent was overwhelming. And I didn't give a damn about the calorie count. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the wheat noodles were with the curried tofu and vegetables. Not too shabby for bottled sauce!

[tofu ginger vegetable stir fry with coconut red curry sauce]

(I also brewed up a small pot of Chicken Noodle soup for Ceej's tummy. I love multi-tasking!!)

It was a very lovely dinner at home.


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