It's all in the batter

I posted a few weeks earlier that I was going to try my hand at making these carrot-ginger-bran muffins that I had read about during one of my blogging-during-work-sessions. I came home from work, got started in the kitchen, and was halfway through the dry ingredients when I realized I had forgotten to buy the wheat bran...


Back to the store. I didn't want to drive the whole 3 miles back to Ralphs so I ran down the block to Trader J's and settled for oat bran. Pretty close right? After adding in the missing links and tossing in the grated ginger, out popped these little guys.

[Carrot-Ginger muffins]

They didn't rise as much as I had anticipated, and perhaps that was attributed to switching the wheat for the oats. I consider it a good thing now because since returning from Vegas a few pounds heavier, I am desperately cutting back on portions and double timing it to the gym before our Texas trip (TEXAS TEXAS YE HAW! Yea I said it!)

  [Melt in your mouth!]

I made them right before we left and packaged them up in ziplocks for the freezer. I popped one in the microwave for 20 seconds this morning, added a little apricot jam, and VIOLA!

  [Muffins with a teaspoon of jam, pineapple slices, and green tea]

I think if I make these again I'll leave them in the oven a little longer. Naturally I was paranoid about burning the muffins but I love a bit of a crispy top. I'm pretty psyched about baking something else... no desserts, white carbs, or sugar induced snacks for now so if anyone has any healthy baking recipes, send them my way! I've got a pound of oat bran sitting on my counter top so looks like I might be making some more muffins just to get rid of it. Maybe I'll push them on the crew next week...

Going to spend a few more precious moments reading/blogging away then it's off to the gym for workout #1. Thinking Runyon might be a good workout #2. Love that view!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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