Craps! Roulette! Pools Oh My!

Vegas was a success!

No, didn't come back with any huge winnings BUT- fun in the sun with the bf and two awesome friends? Huge payout.

We stayed at the Flamingo Las Vegas and hit a lucky strike- dead center facing the strip from the 19th floor. Good job Ceej!

[Flamingo Las Vegas]

Even though Ceej had stayed at the hotel on a previous trip, the Flamingo GO! Room was a first for all of us. Bathroom: Glass shower, TV in the mirror above the sink, and hot pink walls.

Beds: Soft and firm. Mirrored lights directly above the beds (don't know what those were for...) and topped off with a brown velvet bed throw with some random people's happy ending stains... And it was NOT from delicious food or drink.... That, needless to say, was the first thing to hit the floor.

We tried out the pool area the first day. Super  crowded!!

[Flamingo Pool]

The second day wasn't too sunny, so Chelsea and I went to Caesars Palace for some shopping.  Good news from Express! I found my super-girly skirt and it was ON SALE. 


I don't have it paired with an outfit just yet. I'm even thinking that tomorrow I'm going to clean out my closet again and head down to the Crossroads Trading Company. I don't think I have much summery stuff to sell but no harm in taking a look, right? I can see Ceej's eyes lighting up with the thought of me making more room in the closet for his tiny stack of man-clothes. 

Don't have any Vegas photos uploaded yet because of the episode prepping at the office yesterday. And at the moment I'm crouched in a corner of a Starbucks waiting for this day to be over so I can return home and attempt to "spruce up the house". Definitely going to need a thorough cleaning of the apartment before I leave for Texas. 

Less than two weeks away!!!

On a side note (a tangent following the closet-cleaning remark), I am dreaming of living in an apartment that has STORAGE space. And a bigger closet. And more kitchen counter space and a full size oven. With a bathroom that actually has a counter...

Someday. Maybe next year, depending on what the housing and job markets look like. 

Okay, back to work....

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