Gilt Groupe

Those of you who know don't know me on a personal level should know this when it comes to shopping: I am not an impulsive buyer. I'll usually browse store sales with a casual eye, and I almost never, NEVER buy things that are online. Enter Gilt Groupe, where I found these babies:

[Velvet Angel Lido De Paris platform sandal]

I immediately dumped them into my online shopping cart and proceeded, credit card already in hand, to the checkout as fast as possible. Gilt has a timer set once you add items to your cart that will release (NOOOooooo!) them back to the public for other buyers if you hemhaw over your to-be purchase for too long. And by too long I mean literally less than 9 minutes. Great marketing scheme!

But it's true, Gilt Groupe has AMAZING sales and I actually waited too long on a beautiful chain link bracelet that was 75% off this morning and bam! Gone and I am still mourning the loss.

I am, however, thankful for the little lady who comes out running with a STOP! sign in my intrapersonal dialogue and forces me to re-assess my purchase. Thank god she did because I realized that I already have 2 lovely platform wedges that are very similar to the color of the ones I was about to purchase. AND I had just recently purchased (online!) a gorgeous gray pair for my trip to Mexico and I adore them in every way- comfort, height, and with a whole lot of glam.

[Kelsi Dagger]

I also remembered that I had on my list a pair of black sandals that would 1) have a strap because I always step out of pumps, 2) be a comfortable height aka no stilettos, and 3) be a replacement for the Charles David cork wedges that I haven't worn since last summer.

I looked at the black version of my almost-purchase and it just didn't have the same fun elegance as the brown version. So I deleted it and returned to the browsing. And I can't believe I almost missed THESE:

[Velvet Angel CHACHA Fringe High Sandal]

What can I say? It was meant to be...

I can't wait to try them on with my denim mini shorts and one of Ceej's worn in tees. I'm also on the look out for a super girly, mid thigh skirt with a fitted waist and in a floral print as well as a new black belt.  Maybe something like this:

 [Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Flounce skirt]

The for-jeans belt I'm currently using is actually from a mall kiosk and somehow I made an error in trying it on because when I got home it was so big my Dad had to make 3 more notches in it using a hammer and nail. It's held up though despite the 3 pound Christopher Ross bow tethered to it. I've fallen in love with his entire collection and will someday find a lion!

On a side note, I don't get crazy over purses too often these days, and it hurts me a little to say it now since I've always thought myself to be a purse girl. In fact, my mom and I have made it a tradition that every year for my birthday she buys me "the bag". We make a day out of it and hit up Barney's (where I found my Marc Jacobs on my 24th birthday), Wasteland on Melrose (where I got last years bag, a gorgeous black Kooba- what a find!), and Neiman Marcus Last Call. I'm positive though that there is a bag out there that will revive my love for them. Maybe this year Mom and I will start a new tradition. Shoes, anyone?

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