Home alone in the office

Everyone's left. Annnnnnd it's only a quarter til 2pm. I love working in Hollywood.

It's really not that big a deal though, everyone in my building usually comes and goes and no one says anything. I myself am leaving as soon as my segment producer finishes whatever important things he is doing upstairs so we can re-scout our upcoming location. Only a few more precious days to work out! My hope is that our days end short and so I'll be able to work out with Insanity again next week. We'll see if that works out for me.

Ceej mentioned yesterday that he didn't like me not having any pictures up in each post so I'll make that a rule of thumb to follow from now on. That being said, here are some randoms from my life.

[photo by Gina Triola on the beach in Santa Monica]

[low rez photo.. bet some of you know where this was taken!]

[our last stop in New York last year]

[oh Seattle, how I love thee]

 [snuggling up w Ceej to watch sailboats off the Seattle coast.
Disappointed there's a piece of hair attached to my mouth...]

[wish I knew someone with a Schooner!]

Off to the scout now, until next time! xo

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  1. You know, we can edit that hair out of your mouth forever, even on ur old mac...not on my PC though it's pathetic ;)