At the office

Blogging when I should be working. But my mental checklist never made it to paper and whatever list I had going on up there is complete for today as far as I am concerned.

1. Caterer? Check
2. 2nd meals? Check
3. Parking access card? Check
4. Check in with Patrick on location permits? Check
5. Email possible assistants re: my episode? Check 
6. Browse at online sales in my email inbox? Check!!

Reading Heart of Light inspires me to try out new cooking expeditions, not to mention gets my creative motivation towards interior design going again when it wanes. My mother is an excellent seamstress, though she would never give herself credit. She's made several of my outfits growing up, one in particular I remember fondly was the dark blue velvet number she made for a symphony recital I had in middle school. I remember trying on dresses in the department stores and always leaving in tears because none of them ever fit right. I was a chubsters-youngster. Nerdy, chubby, but very much loved by my parents. And so my mother made me that dress. I could cry now thinking how ungrateful I probably was at the time being that it wasn't from a "real" store like the other girls had. What a brat! <--chiding my younger self. And it's funny because nowadays most women crave owning things that no one else has- we go through laborious pains searching on ebay for vintage this, original that. I'm glad I have a gifted mother who can do anything she puts her mind (and needle) to. She even made a classy pantsuit, complete with a little matching cap, for a school contest and won. She got to model it down the runway at JC Pennys (back in the 70's they had models walking catwalks for the department stores, can you just imagine??). I love my mother, can you tell? Dad is awesome too (I can hear him saying, what am I, chopped liver?). A real rock-n-roller and a gifted musician. Sadly I take after neither one in the realms of music or sewing. I can however, read with abandon and write papers that are guaranteed a grade A.

Where was I before I started this tangent?

Oh yes, back to being inspired. So I've decided to try out this muffin recipe this weekend. The writer promises it "easy-peasy" so I'm excited. I'm pretty sure Ceej hates raisins more than smokers so I'll have to skip that ingredient. He is hands down the pickiest eater I've ever met over the age of 5. But since we've been dating his food palate has broadened (thank god) and he's at least willing to "taste" most things once, which really means he puts a microscopic drop of the liquid part of the dish on the point of his tongue to see if it's acceptable. Which doesn't even make sense because your tongue has multiple taste bud sections that specialize in a particular departments- sweet, sour, salty and bitter. I once offered him a bite of my beloved Phish Food by Tom&Jerry's and he dared to dip his PINKIE into my ice cream. My shrill protest stopped him cold and I silently offered him my spoon. After that near catastrophe, I always make sure I have a utensil on hand before offering.

Along with baking these muffins, I'm also going to make a list of new creative endeavors to embark on. I'm going to make it a goal to have at least 2 projects going simultaneously at all times. I've also started (finally) actually writing chapters to a book I've been wanting to write for the past 3 years. It's based on real life events and I'm very excited about it. My goal for that project is to write a little bit each night in bed. It's the only way I think to get the juices going until Ceej gets a desktop. For some reason I write better creatively on a desktop.  I think it has to do with being stationary. So really the novel doesn't count as a project since it's going to be on-going for a while. At the moment, I am finishing up a collage that's been lying around my apartment for months. I will finish the collage, and bake the muffins Friday and Saturday. Sunday we are leaving to join friends in Las Vegas (WHOOP!)- VERY EXCITED to see our friends, lay out by the pool, and just mostly have girl time while the boys gamble.

Oops, it's after 5pm, gotta go! Ceej and I are seeing Jim Breuer at the Improv tonight and I'm pretty stoked. An excuse to wear a cute outfit and skip dinner (gotta be bikini ready in 5 days). xo!

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