1. Theyskens Theory tank top
2. The Row sunglasses
3. JBrand shorts
4. Altuzurra print pumps

Currently vying for easy pieces topped off with something a little extra! These Altuzurra tropical print pumps are classically shaped, color wheeled, and the perfect blend of vacation and glamour, which we sometimes forgo in the midst of iced cocktails and summer slumming. 

In the old days I'd always end up in my college Rainbow sandals and a football tee but nevertheless, chic sophistication for summer soirees remains the golden goal from here on out! I've been eyeing them for the last few months and into the wish list basket they went, but of course, OF COURSE, they sold out within just a few short days after Joseph Altuzurra made fashion headlines for being the newest rising star following Fashion Week. 

Le sigh

BUT, not one to wane on the have-nots of life, I always soothe myself by reminding my brain that the heart will always want more as it's a natural part of cognitive state living in a world that creates so much visual beauty. Plus, it's a fantastic way to motivate oneself into productivity and thereby, personal success which inevitability leads to wish list fulfillment. In the meantime, window shopping, collaging and the small splurges here and here are plenty satisfying for me. What's your trick to staving off indulges?



  1. who wouldn't be crushing on those altuzarra print pumps? love the super basic outfit with a striking contrast for the heels =)


    Style Hostess

  2. you love the idea of heels,,,but you never wear them remember :)