Clockwise from left: Christopher Kane, YSL, Chanel, Cheap Monday, misc, Manolo Blahnik, Rodarte, Phillip Lim, Erdem. 

It's occurred to me that clear heels and acrylics aren't just for eccentric pole dancing way wards anymore. In fact, the clear trend for wear has made it's way down the runways and is currently running rampant in the Upper East side, down to the storefronts of many a Melrose boutique.

We first saw this in the 70's with the arrival of jellies and plastic ready to wear taking on varying fashion aesthetics in both the homes and on our heads: plastic couch covers, plastic barrettes, PVC sunglasses, etc.

With summer running towards us in every shape and form (am I the only one who slept with opened doors in last night's SoCal heat wave?), I think it's time to embrace the sheer side of things to a new level. Why be demure when it looks and feels so much better putting it all out there at once?

Particularly fond of Cheap Monday's plastic boots. Did I mention that they double as rain guards in April?



  1. I think the message is clear

  2. Now we can all see what girls really carry in their purse.