DIY: 3.1 phillip lim studded tee

Rumi of fashiontoast. I love her style, just feel bad for her accountant every now and then.

A silk tee strewn with tiny silver studs. Adorable. Versatile. But not worth shelling out $600. 

For serious. It's $600. That's a RT ticket to Hawaii, a pair of Louboutins or even moreso, a bit of cash that would have probably best been served in savings due to your disappearing 401k. May I present a fairly quick and albeit simple DIY.

  • white cotton or silk tee (I couldn't find one in silk, let me know if you do and where! I used one from The Gap)
  • small round silver studs
  • thimble
  • Sharpie
  • cardboard or a magazine

What to do:
  1. place cardboard or flat surface inside tee
  2. lightly dot with the Sharpie across from left to right, moving the inside flat surface as you move along. Alternate the dots following the pattern above until you have 9 rows across
  3. stud away using the thimble to press the brackets closed (this worked out much better than using pliers or a butter knife. Safer too...)
  4. make sure you press the brackets down completely to prevent snagging on your undergarments


Congratulations. You just successfully saved $600 minus the $7 studs and $15 tee. And you look like a freakin' genius. 

Gap tee + Ksubi shorts

p.s. I booked another production job (yay money!) so I'm to be pretty busy and chaotic for a while but have promised myself to not skimp on blogging, my daily runs, or drafting comedy sketches so, please bear with me until I get a hold on things.



  1. Love it! Just may have to try making my own too. Thanks for sharing!:)