charming notions: venessa arizaga

There's something about a charm bracelet that is just so nostalgic and timeless. I know, it seems like it would be quite the opposite. A grown woman wearing a colorful bracelet filled with charms is definitely a little unnerving but isn't the point of fashion to add a bit of surreal to take the edge off reality? In any case, if you can't wrap your head around the rainbow, Hermes and McQueen make some of the most classic (and expensive) charm bracelets around.
But again, as this is a piece best worn with dresses and denim shorts in tribute to carefree summers, the more colorful and fun, the better.
As long as it looks good, you're never too old for anything, ever.

Venessa Arizaga bracelets 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Anyone tasting the rainbow?


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