WHAT TO WEAR: water cooler days

There's something incredibly satisfying about creating the perfect work outfit, especially if your necklace is decked out with spring colors over a silky spring top. As always, a jacket is of upmost importance as more often than not, the thermostat gods rule with an iron fist and one is always left to fend off the chilling office temperatures. This A.L.C. jacket does the job quite chicly.
Of course, leather pants go hand in hand with igloo atmospheres so pull them on! So what if it's spring outside? Apparently said gods didn't get the memo...
Don't be outshined by Nosy Rosy or Brown Nose Betty- pairing a star spangled clutch with equally stunning pumps gets you to the top of the water cooler talk AND takes you from Thursday at-the-office to Thirsty Thursdays' happy hour. Now who's pulling double duty!

Who knew Thursdays could be so brilliant?


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