WHAT TO WEAR: suiting up w/ Mad (Men) tweed

As you can see by this point in time, I have a fetish for making wardrobe collages. Where imagination knows no boundaries, wallet especially included, it's the ideal way to shop without spending the cash and with the benefit of looking good in the outfit no matter what because, as I said, it's all simply a drafted wish list in which I am sample size and have pockets deeper than Scrooge McDuck. 

However, one should never be left to their own imaginative devices when suiting up for, let's say, an interview for their ideal job. A woman must emit a sense of security, confidence, and of course, sophistication. That's where these babies come into play. May I present two options that are shoe in's (pun intended) for two for the price of one. To clarify, the two being that the outfit is 1) spring chic and 2) office appropriate without being dull. After working in corporate settings for one year too many, black trousers with a bland button-down in a setting where color is frowned upon on a daily basis gets old. Really old.

Let us proceed. To the left, we have created a look by the Parisian designer Sandro, a brand most recently and feverishly embraced by the likes of Fashiontoast blogger Rumi Neely and model Dree Hemingway, who created a capsule line for the brand which was 'inspired by her American roots."

Pairing this lime infused Sandro jacket with the matching shorts is a delightful retro spin on tweed at it's best. I'm still dying over the hint of leather trim, further inspiring the DIY in me to stitch leather strips onto unsuspecting jackets hanging in my closet. Sculpted Alexander Wang loafers ensure that one is able to hit the ground running- it's a Mad (Men) world after all. 

Not to be outdone by a chic shorts suit set, Nina Ricci's tweed ensemble is fantastic combination of mod and retro: traditional but just beguile enough. If you're feeling weary of such a deeply scooped neckline, don't be. The muted and modestly heeled peep toes keep you adhered to the ground and besides, you'll be wearing a basic white camisole underneath. Trust me, once you get this sweet tweed on, it'll take a Texas summer to peel it off your office chilled body. It's a glorious feeling knowing that a skirt is always office appropriate and in this brightly hued shade, rest assure your resume is resting securely on the top of the stack.

Cheers to Fridays and dream jobs!



  1. Ooh I love matching outfits!

  2. Thanks Lara! I love your blog!