LAFW: betsy johnson s/12

Flirty, punchy, and a breath of teenage exuberance. Betsy Johnson's spring collection had the models smirking, winking, and showing off their come-hither ensembles. I am head over heels for the stockings and knee socks!! I had seen a girl from NYFW wearing a very prim outfit but when I saw her legs covered in a 1950's garter design, it was pure sensationalism. My absolute favorite look from this collection is the first photo but totally into the photo just above. When she walked away and I saw the lace-up design on her nylons my mouth fell open.

p.s. Experimenting with color pigments in post. Do you favor au natural or do you like a more punched up, NYLON-eque editorial look? (i.e. photo #7 the girl w the red knee high socks)

Tonight's show is Ashlee Brooks at Sunset Studios... can't wait to see another spring collection!


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