All lash and eyes:

Hair ornaments:

I love her spring smudged eyes and the ombre nails...

Definitely a nail DIY I'll be trying:

Welp, the fall NYFW excitement is finally dying down but it's not without a few amazing runway inspirations the geniuses behind-the-scenes have created for us. 

I actually OD'd on the mascara the other day for a host audition and I received not one, but two callbacks so really ladies, it's always okay to overdo the lashes a bit. 

Ombre nail and black tips are a fun way to drift away from the lingering winter and jump into spring, especially if one were to choose say, peach and pink for the ombre design and ruby red for the nail tip look.

I can't even go into how much I love the hair ornaments. I personally don't believe in putting too much effort into doing one's hair (15 minutes is usually my max) and slapping on a gold clip-in is just genius for me and a simple way to liven up a slow week.

Happy Monday lovelies.


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