Winter mood board

Craving so much winter gear right now it seems that my appetite in insatiable. Luckily I've spent this past weekend at the Divine Design 2011 event sponsoring Project Angel Food. Hundreds of designers and decor outfitters donate past collections and merchandise to the public and every $5 spent buys one nutritious, chef-prepared meal for those unable to care for themselves due to health ailments. Not going to lie, it feels fabulous to be able to contribute in this manner. From what I witnessed over 3 days of shopping, this event was a huge success!

Back to the insatiable appetite for winter wardrobes..

1. remember when I was referring to men dressing like they love life? This is what I mean: scarf and a leather vest layered under a black coat. Love.
2. I am a huge fan of wearing denim shorts all year around. Don't know why but I just can't get enough of them. Over tights and with a fitted jacket, this look is a winner. 
3. Furry coat + slim trousers = office chic.
4. I love the orange + camel color combo. Just love it.
5. I love unique pieces like these silver buckled boots. Anyone know who they're by? I'm guessing Balenciaga but correct me if I'm mistaken!
6. Another fine example of men dressing well...
7. I wear something similar to this at least once a week, minus the slit. Going to pair next time with pumps instead of the usual boots...
8. Over the ear jewelry: on my list for spring!

What's on your mood board as of late?

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  1. The guy in the hat, kinda looks like Ashton Kutcher,,and also, kinda digging the guy scarf look:)