I can't stop obsessing over

... these goodies still available on Net-a-porter and Barney's..

Originally I was dead set on the Reed booties but then of course Barney's came along with their 60% off sale and interfered with my decision making capabilities. So what to do when faced with such a dilemma? Since it's so tempting to just charge everything to the card (and say that it's your Christmas present to yourself), I decided to make a list and stick to these rules:

1. Try on the shoes
Alas, this wasn't possible with #1 or #4 so I moved onto step 2:

2. Comfort
I am a boots woman. Being able to walk about pain free and still look amazing is high on my priorities list. Not all women feel the same way so moving on to step 3...

3. Wearability or CPW (Cost Per Wear)
How many times are you going to wear it? Are you wearing said lusted item to work and happy hour? Do you even have a reason to wear heels much? Me personally, not really. Like I said, comfort is key for me. That being said, I'm knocking out #2 right now.

4. Wardrobe Compatibility
Are you purchasing said item to spice up your wardrobe or to complete an outfit(s)? Take stock of your closet and really look at what you already have vs. what you need. I own 2 pair of tall black boots so luckily all of these are still on the safe list. I also like to wear shoes across seasons so again, all safe. However, most of my outfits are leg baring so #3 would look pretty ridiculous with cutoffs. Down to #1 and #4 as remaining contenders...

5. Price vs. Desire
Now that we've determined what we need vs. what we don't need, really be honest about what you can spend. With a difference of $81, you could either 1) save the difference for a future purchase, 2) pay your electricity bill, or 3) just chock up the loss to indulging in your one true love aka shoes. While I do appreciate the quality, color and comfort of the wedge boot, I don't love it. The boots however, I find extremely unique and interesting, what with the cut out pattern and inscription along the back. 

I believe we've found our winner!
LD Tuttle, welcome to our humble abode. 

Remember, save your pennies where you can because there's always going to be something that we want. Always.

"I look good. I mean really good. Everyone! Come see how good I look!"


  1. love it!


  2. You do look good!

  3. Love the Isabel Marant boots!!
    Would love to own them!

    xoxo Femke