Texas polkadots

[Elizabeth & James Lafayette sunglasses, BCBG sweater, GAP skirt, vintage belt, Michael Kors boots, Botkier bag]

Got goofy on the way to pick out a Christmas tree today and thought the 'tude deserved to be documented in light of the Texas hoe-down inspired get up. Please take note that I am also wearing here on my face what I consider to be the most awesome sunglasses of 2011. If you like them, stop on over at Shopbop to add them to your cart- they're even more amazing in person (as you can obviously see...). 

Really pleased that an opportunity to wear the cowboy-ish silver belt came about so soon. I was helping my mom put together an outfit last week and voila, we re-discovered this vintage snakeskin belt that she's had since Clinton was in office. I wonder what that feels like, re-discovering forgotten clothing... my closet is so small that I literally have lists of each article. Literally. As in pen and paper. Anyway, moving on...

Tomorrow there is a certain Equipment sample sale that I will be attending. For research, of course. Warning: samples sales are not for the meek and defenseless. Please leave your small dogs and children at home. 

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

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