Winter Chic

WOW. It's been a minute since I've had a moment to myself to do anything more than eat and sleep these past few weeks, let alone to BLOG but my 8 week gig just ended yesterday and I can't tell you how relieved and comforted I am knowing that I've resumed my workout schedule and dusting my camera lenses. 
That being said, the winter shopping was put on hold and since I am now carrying an extra 7 lbs due to endless eating and snacking on set, it's going to be another few weeks until I even think about making any more purchases. So until I am back to my old self, I am perfectly content with making due with collages and the like. In fact, I am resigning myself to the title of interior decorator for a friend who just moved into a new spot this weekend. My first scout will be in a matter of hours and she has already expressed to me that she really wants to make a go of this place. Make it entirely her style, her touches, her way. 
Although my Domino book is still out on a loan, I am pretty confident and excited about helping her get onto her feet. Thinking I'll be packing my laptop with me today and scouring blogs for inspiration as we go along. 
Above is a fantasy collage of what I would wear for an evening out as of late since California is slowly transforming into a winter wonderland. The Grove has already resurrected the giant Christmas tree so the holidays are officially in full swing!

Rag & Bone sweater, Winter Kate skirt, Louboutin pumps and clutch. All courtesy of The Outnet.

"Time should stand still"


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