Millinery time: Goorin Bros. on Melrose


A smattering of the photos taken at the Adorned/Cassel Gallery show held last night at the Goorin Brothers hat shop on Melrose. I discovered the shop last week en route to a friend's party and was pleasantly surprised when an invitation to the event showed up in my inbox several days later. I've never been much of a hat girl, with the exception of the occasional beanie during the latter part of the year, but oh my... did I certainly take to a certain camel colored piece!
Along with showcasing a variety of some of the most fantastic millinery pieces meant for everyday wear, three incredibly creative women (who also happen to be friends) displayed their respective artwork throughout the store. Amandalynn for the drawings and paintings; Erin for the photography; and Renee for the beautiful floral and Indian headdress arrangements. All of it- breathtaking.

All artwork by Amandalynn and Erin Ashford. Floral arrangements and adornment by Renee Fontana