A day in the life

A few friends have asked me in the past how I live being that my line of work is so infrequent. For one thing, luckily I made quite a bit last year so finances aren't a head case, and plus, there's two of us living in this house. Don't you worry about not working? Well, really it is I who chooses to work when the right project comes along. Otherwise I don't learn or grow creatively, I'm stressed out, and my time has been wasted. What's the joy in living like that? So, when we're not working, what is it that we spend all of our time doing? (Bear with me, this was a slow day)

7am- 11am: read emails, read blogs, Insanity workout + Bar Method

11am : rise & grind w our coffee bar

11:30 - 12:30pm : errands & a walk 

12:30pm : Cj working on music & portfolio

3:00pm : Cj's snack time (Disclaimer: I didn't bake that banana bread, I'm embarrassed to say)

3:30pm : disgusted with our creative block, we drive to Los Feliz seeking inspiration

Figaro Bistrot 

Orange Presse + chocolate macaron 

Chair waiting for his reader

I wish my apt had the need for a fire escape. So romantic and very Breakfast at Tiffanys

On the wish list for next year

Rad AA signage
Although we didn't gain very much creatively, at least we left the apartment. Cj got a "sup bro" from Danny Masterson but I didn't see as I was pouring myself all over the Rebecca Minkoff clutches at Confederacy. He drives a Range Rover and since he parked behind me, I took advantage of being right in his line of sight and did my best to channel a Jackie smolder a la That 70's Show, being that I was wearing vintage bell bottoms and all. 

No dice from Hyde. 


  1. Sounds just like my day except during the creativity break I work in the garden or go fishing. It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one that's choosing not to participate in the rat race.

  2. Ha! Awesome, I'm glad someone else has made a similar decision. America would be less cranky I think. xo