Current summer crush: Sigerson Morrison

Sigerson Morrison Triple Buckle sandal

How amazing are these sandals? I love the exposed foot with just a single toe loop. No need to fear stepping out of them with the triple buckle threat. And since I own not one pair of flat black sandals other than my college Rainbows, I'm okay with these making their way into my closet soon (aHEM, friends and admirers- oh what? I mean, I was just clearing my throat). *Desire is so consuming, and I do so love falling in love. Nina Garcia had it right when she said to splurge on a well-made shoe; most of us spend the day upright on foot, going from here to there and about our day so it makes perfect sense to me to treat your feet with the upmost comfort and style. Remember the days of sporting toe-crunching, cheap sandals in college? Ugh, I do. Ill fitting footwear killed my club hopping night life, all for the better really. Truth be told, I can live in denim shorts and neutral tees as long as my stems are standing pretty.


*Statement applies herein only to fashion. I'm unavailable for dates but never for gifts. Just sayin. 

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