Alaska: Juneau {via the Westerdam}

welcome to Alaska

Juneau, AK

The Mendenhall Glacier

crab cakes + spicy dipping sauce

crab bisque... sinful, people, just sinful

Home to the Mendenhall glacier, Juneau was the first port we stopped at en route on the inner passage of Alaska. The glacier ice is BLUE. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. There are literally layers, trapping time and eras in ice. With the glacier melting at inches per year, I'm not so sure I'll be around to see it a second time in my lifetime. A true vision of nature's beauty. 
Tracy's in Juneau was absolutely delicious!!! The crab legs were twice the size of any I've seen in any restaurant. The buttered and slightly garlic-salted rolls, crab bisque, and crab cakes with spicy dipping sauce were all washed down with Alaskan brew. Tasted a bit like an amber Shiner Bock, but even better.
Rather than cramming photos in a non-sensical order, I decided that breaking them down in chronologically and by port would make more sense story-wise. Every bit of this trip was absolutely amazing, and I really do want to give Alaska it's due justice. The next Alaskan posting is gorgeous and features a one-in-a-lifetime sighting... ;)


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