Alaska: The Hubbard glacier (via the Westerdam)

The Hubbard glacier

An arctic forest

Rivers frozen solid to the mountain sides

His ears were pretty cold here

The thickness and length of the Hubbard glacier is beyond me. I realize that in actuality it's small potatoes considering that it is a relic from the last Ice Age but seriously, it's about 35-40 cruise ships in length across. The ice rounds the mountain so god knows how far back it recedes as it's past where my eyes could see. The Westerdam is the {somewhat} notorious cruise ship that hit/grazed/ran over an iceberg earlier this month and I'm guessing that in an act of caution and good faith, the Captain decided that we should not proceed any closer a quarter mile from Hubbard. It was obvious that he was trying to alleviate any disappointment on behalf of the passengers by taking several jabs at his own disposal in hitting the last iceberg. Aye, matey!
Several rumors of otter/whale/sea life sightings were tossed about on deck, but quickly dismissed on deck as it became apparent rather quickly that we were alone in the arctic chill. You can see the eras of time in the layers quite a bit in the glacier close ups. Incredible. Sometimes I wish I had gone the paleontology route (I used to have rock & "fossil" collections in place of Barbie dolls growing up) but after taking Geology 3.1 in college, I quickly realized it was a lot more than just examination by spy glass. So quiet out there... and devastatingly beautiful.


[Read more about the Hubbard glacier here]

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