Stacks and rows

Library and file storage

the music wall

prep area

Living in a 500 sq. ft apartment leaves room for creativity in the sense that life moves fluidly when things have their place. On the wall has been our theme for every room: guitars, bookcases... even the spices have their place. The red chair in front of the bookcase is a place holder until a comfty lounge chair can be procured, which will double as a reading space as well as extra seating when friends are over. It's getting hard to ask people to sit on the floor when occupancy exceeds 4. I've thought about using floor cushions as I have in the past but then again, this raises the ever so important issue of storage (did I mention that we have only one non-bedroom closet? ONE!). Not to mention that I'm a clean freak and the mere thought of pillows thrown about the room makes me cringe a little. We have one last space to re-furbish in the kitchen and I'm definitely leaning towards a coffee and tea bar, which will also double as storage for a vintage tea set and espresso cups.

Stay tuned!