Denim has done me right

RL hat, Tulle jacket, BR polka dot top, vintage belts and bracelets, GAP skirt, Coclico wrap boots, Abaco python chain clutch

With the 70's trend holding strong this season, denim is in the air as a spring staple. Cut-offs, mini skirts, and now, ankle denim skirts, have made it into my closet. As a Texas native, denim is worn year around and I'm taking great pleasure in seeing it worn so many different ways here in SoCal. The vintage bag and jacket are from Seattle and Boston, respectively. I fly to Seattle quite often nowadays and I love the opportunity it gives me to scour for vintage treasures like this Italian bag. The tag read $700 but for moi, a fraction. If you're in Seattle, Le Frock is a must. The boots are probably my favorite pair currently in my closet. Two snaps allow the leather strips to wrap around the entire boot, so there is an origami touch to the style. The cuff I found at a flea market a few weeks ago and the silver bangles from my divine mother. 

I can't believe some people don't trust in resale shopping. It's a shame really!


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