today I left my job

And I really know tonight that I'm going to miss it. I miss the people so much already. Great crew and friends that I've made because I got lucky. I had a good job; it wasn't the dream job by my standards, but a great stepping stone and a valuable experience nonetheless. I will finish out this week in the office, turning in the last of the paperwork along with turning in my card key and ID on Friday following my "Exit Interview". I guess they really like to keep things official at E!

Part of me wishes to return but maybe as a Producer a la Allison from "Knocked Up", which is I think is my J. Apatow favorite.

Working on it. Maybe something a little more glamorous. And now that I think about it, why not aim high? Really high? Like, have the dream job? I'm currently still working on decoding my own dreams, trying to blend what makes me most happy and getting paid to create it. That being said, all waiting-to-be-had experiences- welcome!

On the more shallow side, I'm really looking forward to working out every single day and shedding those crafty pounds. No more crafty pounds! YAY

Tonight, new dreams to be made! I am very excited for the unknown, what lies ahead for me in this too short, very rushed existence. I can't wait.

Some day I want to stand in front the world and quote Marion Cotillard when she won the Oscar for La vie en rose. "Thank you love, thank you life!" Someday I will. 

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