The "Works in Progress" To Do List I Outlined This Morning

What a beautiful morning in Los Angeles it is! I know so by peering through the curtain cracks from my bed.

After a moment of peeping, I realized I've forgotten all about the new curtains I'm going to buy for the bedroom. Which led me to remember I still have yet to switch out the one panel I have that's too short for the living room... sounds like another "To Do" list in in the works.

To Do's:

1. Buy glue from Blick so I can finish up the Bob Marley collage that's been living on my kitchen table for the past 4 months.

2. Exchange Pottery Barn curtain panel.

3. Buy new curtains for bedroom.

4. Update rug in living room.

5. Find ottoman's for living room to replace "too large but lovely" coffee table that's been unfairly cast off to one side.

6. Lose the 10 lbs I've been bitching about for the past 5 years. <--- 5 lbs of this I'm planning on doing by completing the Blue Print Cleanse

7. Gym it up.

Guess I'll be starting with #7, then starting over at #1. Glad there's a Blick 3 blocks down from my apartment. I'll be driving there, not walking too by the way. Oh, the game of Life... one step forward, one step back.

Oh, and how could I forget?

8. Buy a new mac powerbook!!! <--This one will have to come once I save up. Aigh.

Off to the gym. Baby steps, baby steps.

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