Mexico In Retrospect

Ahhh.... Sunday night and I finally have a moment to think about our trip to the Riveria Maya. First off, it was more beautiful than anything I've ever seen with my own eyes. The perfect vacation spot. 

This is the view from our room...

Beautiful isn't it? *A wistful sigh escapes*

We were welcomed with a bottle of chilled champagne, chocolates, snacks, and fridge chock full of glass Coke bottles, orange juice (in case an emergency mimosa was in order), bottled waters, and a 6-er of Corona. Life is good.

Each morning began with one of these:

In varying colors, flavors, and alcohol percentages of course but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed them all. This was an all-inclusive resort package so no one was counting. Along with our daily dosage of cocktails we also enjoyed three (sometimes four) gourmet meals a day. Ah, the meals! All were a la carte, with the exception of the delicious morning breakfast buffet. You could actually order every dish if you really wanted to but being that my bikinis were my outfit for ninety percent of each day, I had to pick my battles and pictures certainly do not lie.

[chocolate cake with fresh vanilla bean ice cream]

[greens with slivered almonds and avocado dressing]

Every day around 4pm a lady with a beautiful antique serving cart would prepare mexican cafe for the guests in the lobby.

[prepping the sugar rimmed glass]

[mixing the liquor]

[and of course no coffee is complete without a hearty dollop of creme]

[a little cup of heaven before dinner]

 I can't believe I almost forgot to mention the mini delights that accompanied the cafe, guests choice of course ;)

 [finger sandwiches: crab on a roll, ham and cheese. 
I also selected a chocolate dipped strawberry/vanilla marshmellow and a chocolate truffle]

We took over a thousand photos during the trip and I've whittled them down to about four hundred in effort to make movie albums for our families. Unfortunately my Apple is on it's last leg and I've had to settle with basic jpeg-to-disk-option. Which means I won't be posting every single photo on my blog. I will however, share a few more. 

One of my favorite things to buy in foreign surroundings (and by foreign I mean in the most general of terms) is jewelry and crafts.  

[ceej perusing through a vendors treasures]

 ["what about this one?", he asked me]

 [See the turquoise beaded cuff? 
I limited myself to the the dusty pink version not shown]

[Mexican neck treasures]

[I thought the sun faces were pretty cool]

 [Not the mention these gorgeous necklaces. 
I love the coral-esque shape of the beads]

Overall, it was the most incredible vacation of my adulthood. Both of our families are planning a trip to the eastern coast of Mexico sometime in the near future. Dad, better get on that passport application! If you are looking for a resort recommendation, we vacationed with the Secrets Capri.

It's a quarter til 11 and I'm getting up at 8am for the gym. Must burn off the deliciousness still attached around my middle section. Ah, the price of sweetness. Well worth the beach, love, and sunshine. 

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