easing in..

I haven't written a blog... ever...

Diaries and journals were mostly the bulk of my innermost ramblings during those awkward teenage years. Now into my twenty-sixth year, I have pretty much abandoned all forms of written communication with myself, with the exception of a few days out of the year when I find myself oddly down and out. But my boyfriend (Ceej) is the new owner of a handsome (aka pricey) Canon camera by which he insists is the gateway to me getting a super awesome blog up and running in the universe. I don't know... I just find that putting my personal thinkings out there into the public and now hyper-cyber world is the equivalent of streaking down my neighborhood block in nothing more than running socks.

But what the hell? Why not? I have found inspiration through several bloggers I discovered earlier this year. Two of my favorites are SEA OF SHOES and CUPCAKES AND CASHMERE. Each lady, with her own taste and sense of self, has evolved and the proof is in the writing (or shoes and/or cupcakes).

I must admit I chose a poor time to start a new blog. I'm traveling to the Riveria Maya on Wednesday and won't return for a week. But, perhaps me coming back to something new and fresh is just the thing I need to look forward to.

Until then, I look forward to diving headfirst into this new venture. xo-adria

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  1. Guilty with a capital G I used to have a blog when I was younger and I would just ramble on & on. I like to think the one I just started isn't too much rambling on lol!