couch love

The Row by Linda Farrow sunglasses//Equipment leather shirt//Ksubi shorts

Lounging on broken in couches at the best coffee house in Los Angeles in a bunny soft leather shirt is a mighty comfortable state of being. I was mildly concerned about the potential heat stroke I might possibly incur while wearing this gem in the warm sunlight but on a bike cruiser, it was absolutely perfect. Fantastic things are brewing on the creative front, and the final bricks are being cemented in what promises to be possibly my best writing yet. Of course, my brain only goes so far and it is thus that I've finally realized that having another incredibly creative half to the complete the whole is a golden ticket to what becomes an adventure of creative ingenuity.

Today has been by far my most favorite day this month!



  1. Great photo! Creative days are by far the best days!

  2. This looks like a lovely sunday!!