Ahhh, summer time. And just in time, SSENSE is having a sale with tons of spring goodies so feast your eyes on the above and prepare to start filling your shopping carts. Behold, the summer essentials:

1. The Return of the Jellies : see what I did there? No? Okay, it was a short sighted attempt at a play on movie titles but never the less, the Jedi wore sandals and I'm sure in the year of space age, they were something as miraculous as these Marc by Marc Jacobs orange and sherbet plastic foot candies. Perfect for poolside and then some because everyone knows that leather sandals and wet feet don't mix.

2. A bright wallet : particularly this one by the beloved French name A.P.C., it makes me long for banana cream pies, rainbow popsicles and lemon flavored ice cubes. Suede in bright colors always makes for a spin on the classic wear, and as long as you remember this summer piece is for non-pool functions only, it's going to be a burst of sunshine every time.

3. The Power Wedge : Chloe, never a wrong shoe ever. A futuristic and minimalist blend of fashion harmony, quality over quantity wins hands down in the land of high fashion ready-to-wear. Sure, they'll cost you a bit of your paycheck but they will be the only wedge you'll ever need and they'll do you well in both rain (silts over puddles) and shine (BBQ anyone?).

4. Let It Be : inspired by the 60's in their latest summer collection, Elizabeth & James, which we know all too well as the Olsen's pet project gone brilliant, has reminded us that going through life with rose-colored glasses isn't all that bad. Especially when they're outlined in gold. *Adds to cart*

5. The Witchy but not Witchy Bag : to me, a bag has got to be meaningful, especially for those of us who prefer to call only a few our own. I find it odd when women collect bags by the dozen- it just seems unfair when you do the math. Bags \  years left to live \ days per month \ appropriate occasions ... what's the point in having so many bags that none will ever get their fair share of wear? So to that end I say, choose wisely. Choose personally. And never under any circumstances, choose trends. Something small, leather, cross bodied, with gold hardware, structured, and with lovely lining will be my next selection. So far, this McQueen has got it all.

6. Statement ring : one thing I've recently discovered about myself- I am a ring girl. More so than bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, a fantastic ring is always the first piece of jewelry that goes on each morning. Though lately I'm thinking thin slivers of gold, I saw this chunky art and immediately thought WOW. Very in your face, and the perfect centerpiece amongst the aforementioned finger slivers.

Get your shop on here.


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