OVER ALLS cover all

1. Miroslava Duma 2 & 3. Wildfox 4. Leandra Medine aka TheManRepeller 5. Garance Dore

The return of the ultimate American cover all, the over alls. I'd like to take this opportunity and remind everyone that I in fact was at one time the queen of wearing over alls back in my middle school days, a time when we had already surpassed the era of Vanilla Ice and Salt N Peppa. I wore them at least twice a week, usually with a Drew Barrymore inspired baby tee and Doc Martens. Though I was ridiculed every time I wore them, I didn't care. And I'm so glad to see the rest of the world embracing them yet again because quite honestly, they look pretty fine anytime.

Cheers to not caring what others think.



  1. Number 1. absolute favorite <3

  2. awesome Reminds me of high School!!