TRENDING: the bucket bag

Top row: Marc by Marc Jacobs Block Party Great Ball of Fire bags in fresh grass, rain slicker, and coral.
Bottom row: Wayuu Taya Foundation Susu bags in yellow,  black, and grey.

Last season was the explosion of the structured bag, beginning on the runways with the rediscovery of the Mad Men era and women everywhere realizing that a simple boxed bag could doll up an outfit ten fold. It was also a direct opposite of the Olsen inspired slouchy and oversized bag, and fewer were subject to neck pain and sprained elbows. Somehow, miraculously, carrying 10 variations of lipgloss and lipsticks was just not necessary anymore. Even bulky planners everywhere were burned joyfully as they were replaced by Siri and her magic planning capabilities. 
As we rotate into summer, dark leathers and heavy structure give way to an updated version of the slouchy bag: the bucket bag, made popular in the 70's as a catch all for string bikinis and sunscreen. This time around, it's smaller, lighter, and of course, perfect in punchy shades. Preppy girls who live for tailored pieces will round out their ensembles in fruit flavors and if you're a bit more free-spirited or going to Coachella weekend 2, you might find solace in a rasta print. 
Either way, you're going to save bucket loads on massages. Pun intended. 


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  1. this is the perfect bag for you! I can tell