CELEBRATE! (in your boyfriends jeans)

Black Halo silk top//AA belt//Current/Elliott jeans//Acne sandals

Today is the 2nd birthday of slopes in heels! For serious? My my, how time does fly...

Celebrated a bit by jumping into the most comfortable jeans I've ever known along with the Acne sandals I continue to love more and more each day. I feel like I've found a unicorn in this particular pairing- you hear about girls finding "the perfect jean" and the gorgeous sandals they can walk for hours in without aching arches... so glad it was finally my turn to discover what works for me. I've tried other styles by Current/Elliott but their boyfriend jeans are hands-down the only pair I feel looks right on me. I know this because I bum rushed their sample sale several months ago and came out empty handed except for several Equipment shirts, which of course, is just plain fantastic no matter what. 
Side note: my hair is growing at the speed of light. Rather annoying right now but I'm sure I'll appreciate the growth a decade from now. 

Anyone else have any treasures they've discovered lately? I'd love to hear about them!

Cheers to 2 years of personalized bliss.



  1. you have a way of making anything look good

  2. Happy Birthday "slopes"

  3. happy happy birthday, more years to come!