By Zoe summer 12 lookbook

This post has nothing to do with the obligatory Coachella posts that are going up frantically by bloggers around the country but rather just a snippet of what I'm gravitating towards as we grow nearer to summer. By Zoe has some amazing separates and I'm beginning to rethink the sweatpants as appropriate outerwear, especially teamed up with a tiny red leather jacket. It's a wonderful thing to live in a city that has warm days and chilled nights and I have a hunch that it's the sole reason I've embraced jacket collecting/hoarding. I'm pretty sure I'll never ever have enough. Maybe that's my weakness. Some girls it's bags (BagSnob), some girls it's shoes (Sea of Shoes). And for an odd ball, it's jackets.

What's your poison?

happy friday. xo

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  1. Red shorts are a must for summer!!