WHAT TO WEAR: for the 50+ woman

Elizabeth and James blazer//Kain striped top//Cheap Monday jeans//Rebecca Minkoff bag//Charles Albert arrow ring//Ralph Lauren boots//Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies//

After getting so much positive feedback from the wardrobe collages I've created for myself, a few lovely readers asked if I would ever consider putting something together for a more mature audience. What I've constructed is mostly inspired by the women in my family down in Texas, as well as myself. Each woman in my family is strong, independent, and quite busy! Flat boots, a cross body bag, and a great jacket are staples for the woman who is constantly on the go. 

NOTE: I believe that people are pretty much who they are by the time they reach late 20's/early 30's. For example, I love funky jewelry, denim, and boots- those things will never really change. So really, the process of updating your wardrobe through the years is about channeling whatever makes you feel fantastic and adding a bit of an edge. Age doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun with what you wear- you only live once! 

Elizabeth & James twill blazer//Elizabeth&James earrings//Tucker jumpsuit//Rachel Zoe bag//DVF heels//Salvador Ferragamo scarf//

The pantsuit is often forgotten as perhaps one of the easiest ways to dress up and yet still look polished and refined. It's a popular misconception to think that only 6 ft models can pull off this look but au contraire, it works for everyone. I know because I live in Los Angeles and have seen it all. Pairing a tailored jacket over the suit minimizes the waist and keeps you from having to don a belt, which can work against shorter figures as it tends to cut to the torso in half and make you appear even shorter- no thanks! Scarves, like hats, are huge in California and NY but sometimes are forgotten in other states. Nonetheless, tied to your bag, in your hair, or around your neck it is a vital accessory as they serve multiple purposes. As far as shoes go, comfort is key when you're trying to enjoy your evening so opting for a low but interesting heel is the way to go. I paired simple earrings and a structured bag to compliment the pantsuit. 

As a reminder, this is simply based on what I know will be my needs in the future. It may seem like a huge jump from your current wardrobe but once you start dressing for yourself, it makes a big difference in how you go through your day, interact with others, and your general outlook. Who feels ready to take on the world in ill fitting jeans and a sweatshirt? Not me, that's for sure. Try on anything and everything in the dressing room and don't be quick to dismiss what you think "won't look good"- just as in life, you'll never know until you try!


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