OUTFIT INSPO: metallic shorts

Photo via Stockholm Streetstyle

Browsing this mornings blog post almost caused me to spew hot coffee all over my laptop screen upon seeing this awesome ensemble. Why so awesome?

Because I am someone who lives, lives, in shorts. Cuffed, shredded, designer, or purchased from the slew of janky Melrose storefronts, they're on my lower half 80% of the time. The other 20% is dedicated to skirts, also denim. I'm from Texas, remember?

Mixing in a metallic piece reminds people that you're worth a double take and layering on the muted sweater also tells them that you're not soliciting... especially in this town where girls left and right are mistaken for high end prosties. So I hear...

And here we have the recreation of such a fantastic way to spend the warming months:

Inhabit cotton sweater/Siwy shorts/Theyskens' Theory suede boots

And so I leave you with this note: when in doubt of whether or not you're looking a bit too underdressed, who gives a hoot? It's not like you're wearing Kleenex boxes for shoes.


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  1. LOVE this look!