NEW IN: Undercovers

I've been picking up on a braless trend that started up again on the f/12 runways, i.e. one of my favorites, Balmain. I admit to spending many a year in adolescent awkwardness wishing I didn't have my girls, to the point that I used to layer two sports bras to school as an attempt to appear untouched by puberty. Oh, the days of Kate, Wynona, and flat chested CK models... I still love the 90's even though I didn't (and still don't) fall into the waif category. 

So even though we curvier ladies cannot forgo the support, I'm happy to report that a bralette paired under a sweet tank makes for a flirty duo with mini shorts and leggings... and later this year under sheer blouses and feather light sweaters.

Can't wait to get one of these and wear it under a skimpy tank, it feels like summer in L.A. this week, which is just awesome. I especially love the velvet on the Lake & Stars design- texture is just simply extra goodness.


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