LAFW: laili lau f/w/12

Last night at ACE Gallery.. Laili Lau's first LA show and my first time photographing living art. Standing in a press pit surrounded by men twice my age and telephoto lenses longer than my arm, I secured a small and rather ideal front and side position. I like to think I used my good looks to shimmy in- HA!

Draping fabrics, harem pants, sequins, and of course, a nod to the sheer trend of this years fall shows were big staples in Laili's runway debut. Intricate but intentionally messed wrapping of braided tresses and smokey eyes were an alluring combination and reminded us that although maxi lengths were a highlight of this collection, covering up is still a sexy choice as it leaves more to the imagination. I wonder if The Man Repeller would be interested to know there were leather harem pants that could be friends with her beloved sequined version? Time will tell but I know one thing for sure- Laili Lau's going to have a huge following of drop crotch wearing fashionable females. A wonderful start to hopefully a brand of endurance, cheers to L.A. Fashion Week!



  1. One of the best designers i ever seen

  2. Thank you very much for the great pictures and comments!!!