For the guys!: The Basic List

I feel that sometimes women forget that the men in their lives sometimes need a bit of assistance (guidance) or an opinion(a specific list) in the fashion friendly department. There's a bit of nostalgia and definitely a romantic undertone to those men who take care in their appearance and dress. I'm not saying that every man needs to be in a jacket and wing tips 24/7 but even just the addition of a scarf or wearing the right type of boots with straight leg jeans is enough for me to feel appreciative of their choices. 

Guys, basics you should really think about adding to your closet:

Christmas shopping is under way... continuing with trying to locate ornaments for the tree. Unfortunately I have specific ideas in mind and I have a feel it's going to be a bit of a treasure hunt. Like, a daily thing.

Hope the holidays are off to a great start for everyone out there!!


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