Alaska: the Aerial View, Ketchikan Alaska

Something to get your Friday off in a relaxed state of mind. 


One jumper plane for 5 please.
Taking flight

They were pretty stoked after the ride- we all were for the rest of the trip

This is the last of the Alaska-related posts! The aerial ride is what we all believed to be the most adventurous and mind-boggling part of the Alaska expedition so I encourage you to book at least one while you're at port. Alaska Seaplane Tours, based out of Ketchikan, Alaska was the company we booked. You can find them online here. Just a hint for you cruise travelers: in general, do not book anything through the cruise line. You are there to enjoy their ship, their food, and their services- do NOT book an inflated tour rate. My mom found Alaska Seaplane Tours via TripAdvisor.com


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